Kindergarten Bundle: A Year of Exploration


Immerse kindergarteners in a captivating blend of mathematics and science with our full-year curriculum. Guide students through weather exploration, force and motion discoveries, and farm adventures.


The full-year kindergarten curriculum seamlessly blends mathematics and science to create an engaging and integrated learning experience. Throughout the year, young learners will embark on a journey of discovery, delving into scientific wonders while building essential mathematical skills.

Science Unit 1: Weather Wonders Paired with Math Unit 1: Math Meteorologist
In this initial unit, students are introduced to the world of weather. They explore various weather conditions, patterns, and changes through hands-on experiments. Meanwhile, Math Unit 1, “Math Meteorologist,” focuses on nurturing counting and number skills within the range of 0 to 10. Through weather-themed activities, students not only observe the elements but also engage in counting exercises that lay the foundation for their numerical understanding.

Science Unit 2: Force and Motion Paired with Math Unit 2: Math in Motion
The second unit explores the fundamental principles of force and motion. Students investigate object movement and interactions, conducting experiments that involve pushing, pulling, and observing the effects of different forces. Simultaneously, Math Unit 2, “Math in Motion,” introduces students to the comparison of numbers and the numerical range of 11 to 20. As students explore motion through science, they apply mathematical skills to compare quantities, thereby reinforcing their comprehension of numbers.

Science Unit 3: Farm Friends Paired with Math Unit 3: Math on the Farm
The third unit whisks students away to the enchanting world of the farm, where they discover the marvels of nature and agriculture. They engage with farm animals, their habitats, and the vital roles they play. This unit emphasizes the exploration of the natural world and the significance of farming. In parallel, Math Unit 3, “Math on the Farm,” shifts the focus to addition and subtraction. Through farm-themed scenarios, students practice these core mathematical operations, building a solid foundation for further arithmetic skills.


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