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Test drive a homeschool science lesson (or three)!

If you’re not sure about the Little Monsters Universe homeschool science lesson plans, here’s your chance try out a unit for free. (Note: if you don’t see our email come through, check your spam folder!)

The Art of Observation

Enhance their observation skills with our engaging observation guide, designed for elementary students. Dive into three captivating homeschool scien e lessons that will sharpen their ability to keenly observe the world, unlocking a world of hidden details and fascinating discoveries.

    Pumpkin Investigation

    Immerse your kids in an exciting pumpkin investigation, specifically crafted for homeschooling early elementary students. Engage their senses as they make detailed observations, formulate a hypothesis and take measurements.

      How Animals Keep Warm

      How Do Animal Keep Warm

      Elementary homeschool students will explore the incredible ways animals keep warm, unraveling the secrets of feathers, fur, and blubber through a fun and interactive activity.

        Kindergarten Goals

        kindergarden goals

        A handy reference to the kindergarten goals based on national standards. Parents and teachers can track each homeschool kindergarten learner’s progress and provide targeted support in each area of development.

          Engineering Challenges

          Engineering Challenges

          Try a sample of our Little Monsters Engineers: Monthly Challenges. Inspire the engineer within your learner with building challenges that can be used with the learning toy, Brain Flakes.

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