What Lies Beyond? Exploring the Mysteries of the Earth, Moon, & Stars


Embark on an exciting 4-week journey through space and ignite your child’s imagination with our engaging Earth, Moon, and Stars unit, designed to teach kindergarten to second grade learners about the beauty and mystery of the universe through interactive lessons and hands-on activities.



Introduce your child to the wonders of space with our exciting 4 week unit about the Earth, Moon, and Stars! Designed for kindergarten to second grade learners, this unit offers a fun and engaging way for kids to learn about our planet, its natural satellite, and the celestial objects that light up our night sky.

With hands-on activities, creative projects, and interactive lessons, this unit will help your child understand the basic concepts of astronomy and develop a love for science. Children will learn about the different phases of the moon, the movement of the Earth and the stars, and the various features of our solar system. By the end of the unit, your child will have a solid understanding of the basic concepts of astronomy, as well as a greater appreciation for the beauty and mystery of the universe.

Choose the expand the unit by completing some of the extension activities included, like the astronaut training obstacle course. Download our Earth, Moon, and Stars unit today and ignite your child’s imagination!

The unit is broken into 4 sections:

1: Day & Night

2: The Moon

3: Stars

4: The Sun


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