Finding the Right Homeschool Lesson Plan

Unsure where to start with Little Monsters Universe’s homeschool curriculum? Here are a few recommended lesson plan sequences based on your student’s specific and unique interests.

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Nature Learners 🌳

We suggest the following sequence for students who love being outside and learning about the outdoors:The homeschool science lesson plan nature bundle from Little Monsters Universe.

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Note sure about all of these? We recommend substituting evergreens with our snow mini-unit. To discuss other alternatives, contact Little Monsters Universe directly.

Animal Lovers🐻

We suggest the following sequence for students who love to learn about animals:

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Looking for a substitution? We recommend substituting bats for our wild about turkeys mini-unit. Contact us if you want to discuss other alternatives.

Tactile Learners🖐️

We suggest the following sequence for homeschool students who love learning through touching and doing:

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Custom Homeschool Units For Your Unique Learner

Interested in a more customized science lesson plan for your homeschool student? Contact us today to discuss other learning styles and we can help you find the perfect science sequence for your child.