Farm Friends: The aMOOsing tale of how plants and animals work together


Introducing the Farm Friends Unit (K-2nd): Focused on farm ecosystems, kids explore interdependence of plants, animals, and people through hands-on activities and outdoor fun.

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The Farm Friends Unit offers a comprehensive and exciting educational experience for Kindergarten to second grade students and their parents. With both In-Person and Virtual Field Trip options, this program brings the farm directly into your home, providing Interactive Farm Fun that covers various aspects of farm life and ecosystem dynamics.

Throughout the unit, students will explore essential themes, such as Farm Ecosystems, Life Cycles and Weather, Human Impact on the Farm, and Farm-to-Table connections. Each lesson is designed to be interactive and engaging, incorporating hands-on activities, reading comprehension exercises with paired books, writing opportunities, historical connections, and art projects. From creating their own miniature farms and weather forecasts to understanding the farm-to-table journey and how human activities affect agriculture, children will have the opportunity to learn about science, ecology, sustainability, and even culinary skills.

For K-2 students, the Farm Friends Unit is especially beneficial. Its multidisciplinary approach caters to different learning styles, ensuring that every child can actively participate and grasp concepts effectively. The hands-on activities foster curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking, making learning enjoyable and memorable. By integrating reading comprehension, writing, history, and art, the unit promotes a holistic development of various skills, encouraging language proficiency, historical awareness, and artistic expression. Additionally, the unit’s focus on farms and nature aligns well with the natural curiosity and wonder that young children have for the world around them, nurturing a lifelong love for learning and environmental stewardship. Whether through interactive play, informative books, or creative art projects, the Farm Friends Unit aims to cultivate a strong educational foundation and instill important values in our future generations.


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