Wild about Turkeys Mini Unit


This mini unit takes PreK through second grade children on a captivating and interactive journey to explore the unique characteristics, functions, and communication of turkeys through a week-long immersive experience.

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Gobble up knowledge as you embark on an exciting adventure into the captivating realm of turkeys with LMU’s “A Study of Wild Turkeys” mini unit. Tailored for children in PreK to 2nd grade, this immersive week-long journey offers an interactive experience that unveils the mesmerizing world of turkeys. Through a blend of physical movement, art, science, math, and literacy, children will actively participate in hands-on learning encounters that foster their powers of observation, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities. By delving into the big ideas of structure and function, as well as information processing, children will unravel the distinctive traits of turkeys that enable them to thrive and communicate in their natural habitat. Join us as we dive into this extraordinary adventure brimming with educational value and engaging activities.


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