Custom Units

Unable to find a homeschool science unit that meets your needs?

Discover Custom Homeschool Science Lesson Plans

Work directly with Little Monsters Universe to unlock the full potential of your child’s education with a custom science unit, crafted exclusively for their unique interests and learning style. We feel that learning should be both fun and impactful and are dedicated to helping you make that a reality. Partner with LMU to create a customized science unit that ignites your child’s passion and sets them on a path to lifelong discovery. Invest in their future with a custom science unit today.

Homeschool Science Plans Tailored To Your Child’s Unique Interests

  • Does your child play with toy cars all day? Let’s work together to create an action-packed unit exploring the concepts of force and motion?
  • Do they collect rocks everywhere you go? Let’s build a really “gneiss” geology unit?
  • Do they love dressing up and playing with princesses? Let’s get fancy with colors found in nature and plan a unit experimenting with natural dyes to design their very own outfit?

What Sets LMU’s Custom Units Apart?

  • Personalized Learning: We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to education. We create custom units based on your child’s interests and needs, allowing them to explore topics that truly captivate their curiosity.
  • Child-Centered Approach: Your child is at the heart of our curriculum. We design lessons around their specific needs, preferences, and learning style, empowering them to take an active role in their education.
  • Engaging and Relevant Content: We bring learning to life by connecting with your child’s interests. From mermaids to dinosaurs to outer space, our curriculum is designed to be captivating, relevant, and meaningful to your child’s world.
  • Empowering the parent-child relationship with Collaborative Learning: We value your input as a parent and your child’s input as a learner. Our curriculum encourages collaboration between you and your child, fostering a positive and interactive learning experience.
  • Flexibility and Freedom: Say goodbye to rigid lesson plans. Our curriculum provides the flexibility and freedom to adapt and modify based on your child’s progress, pace, and interests, making homeschooling a truly customized experience.
  • Empowering Lifelong Learners: Our curriculum aims to instill a love for learning that extends beyond homeschooling. By nurturing your child’s natural curiosity, we empower them to become lifelong learners who are curious, self-motivated, and eager to explore the world around them.

Schedule A Custom Homeschool Science Consultation

With our Custom Science Units, your child will get the opportunity to explore science in a fun, interactive, and hands-on way. So, why wait? Take the first step towards a more engaging and meaningful education for your child. Schedule a consultation with Little Monsters Universe to begin creating a custom science unit tailored to their unique interests and learning style. Give the gift of a lifetime of learning and unlock your child’s full potential. Let’s make it fun, exciting, and something they will look forward to.