Why LMU?

Why Choose Little Monsters Universe For Your Science Homeschooling Needs

  • LMU lesson plans have been created by a veteran elementary school teacher who spent 15+ years in the classroom teaching kids science. Read more about Tina Salmanwitz here.
  • With Little Monsters Universe, you get support: when you call us, you’ll reach a human, not an automated response.
  • We offer custom units, which are tailored to the individual needs and interests of your homeschooling children.
  • Science can be challenging for both homeschool students and teachers (and parents!), but LMU makes it accessible and learnable. Get more tips on homeschooling in our blog.

Trust LMU With Your Homeschool Science Curriculum

Little Monsters Universe is your trusted partner in homeschooling, simplifying the often challenging task of teaching science. Our thoughtfully crafted lesson plans are designed to make complex concepts accessible, ensuring your children learn with accuracy and confidence.

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Our lessons are fun! Your kids will dive into hands-on, exploratory adventures that ignite their curiosity. What sets us apart is our commitment to genuine support—no automated responses here. When you have questions or need advice, you’ll connect with a friendly, knowledgeable person eager to assist you on your homeschooling journey.

At LMU, we understand that every child is unique, and our flexibility shines through in our ability to create custom lesson plans tailored to your child’s specific learning abilities and interests. This personalized approach guarantees that education is not only effective but also a joyous adventure for your little one.

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