Batty about Bats Mini Unit


Explore the extraordinary lives of bats through our interdisciplinary learning adventure, enhancing math and literacy skills while discovering the importance of these winged wonders to our ecosystem. Geared towards elementary students.

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Join us on a unique learning adventure that explores the extraordinary lives of these winged wonders, blending math and literacy into a thrilling educational experience. Children will get to build bat houses, which not only teaches them about bats’ habitats but also strengthens their math skills as they measure and construct. Read the beloved story “Stellaluna” and comparing fiction and nonfiction elements. Kids will use a Venn diagram to compare and contrast bats and birds, enhancing their literacy and critical thinking skills. Throughout the unit, kids will learn about what bats are, dive into the fascinating world of echolocation, and discover why bats are so important to our ecosystem. It’s an interdisciplinary adventure that sparks curiosity and offers a deeper understanding of these amazing creatures. Download our Bats Mini Unit today and embark on a learning journey that’s both educational and exciting! Geared towards elementary students.


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