Do You “Caribout” Reindeer?


Take your child on an unforgettable journey through the Arctic with our Reindeer unit, filled with hands-on activities, outdoor exploration, and cultural significance, perfect for PreK to second-grade students.



Embark on a wild and exciting journey with our Reindeer unit, designed for PreK to second-grade homeschooling families. Your child will dive into the world of these fascinating creatures and discover the important role they play in the Arctic ecosystem. Through hands-on activities, creative exercises, and outdoor exploration, your child will uncover the unique adaptations that allow reindeer to thrive in their harsh environment. Split into three lessons, each approximately a week long, your child will learn about reindeer, their food, and the tracks and traces they leave behind. They’ll understand their diet, social behavior, physical characteristics, migration patterns, and the significance they hold in indigenous cultures. By the end of the unit, your child will have a comprehensive understanding of reindeer and their place in the natural world.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to ignite your child’s love for the natural world. Download our Reindeer unit today!


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