Little Monsters Engineers: Monthly Challenges


Unlock your child’s engineering potential with Little Monsters Engineers! Packed with a year’s worth of engaging challenges, this downloadable PDF sparks creativity and problem-solving skills. Ready to inspire the engineer within? Download today!

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Unleash your child’s inner engineer with Little Monsters Engineers! Designed for homeschool parents and teachers alike, this downloadable PDF is packed with a year’s worth of engaging tasks to ignite creativity and problem-solving skills. Each month, your child will tackle a new design challenge.

With our challenges, your child will:
-Develop critical thinking skills by defining problems and brainstorming solutions.
-Cultivate creativity and analytical thinking to meet each challenge with innovation.
-Build prototypes and test them, honing experimentation and problem-solving abilities.
-Learn resilience and perseverance in the face of setbacks.
-Evaluate designs, promoting reflection and self-assessment for growth.
-Communicate results effectively, honing communication skills and sharing achievements.

What’s Included:
-Parent/Teacher Guidance
-Monthly Challenge Task Cards
-Engineering Design Challenge Handouts for early elementary, upper elementary, and middle school students
-Bonus Challenges

With a mix of monthly challenges and bonus tasks, this PDF provides a fun and educational journey through the world of engineering. Nurture your child’s curiosity, ingenuity, and confidence with these enriching experiences. We recommend pairing this with the fun learning tool, Brain Flakes. With their interlocking discs, your child will experiment, innovate, and bring their ideas to life.

Ready to inspire the engineer within? Download our Monthly Engineering Challenges Document today!


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