My Journey into Teaching Science

Remember those days in school when science felt boring and disconnected? The endless textbooks and worksheets seemed to suck the excitement out of learning. I can certainly relate. Science had always seemed like an impenetrable fortress, with its complex concepts and abstract theories, until two remarkable teachers changed my perception forever. They showed me a different side of science, one that was hands-on and fun. Their approach opened my eyes to the wonders of the natural world and set me on a path to becoming a science teacher for over a decade.

In sixth grade, I had a teacher who encouraged us to create our own nature journals. He took us outside to observe, measure, draw, and record what we found. I loved choosing a tree and watching it change throughout the seasons. It was amazing to see firsthand how nature transformed, and it stuck with me far better than anything I read in a textbook.

In high school, my biology teacher took things even further. He got us involved in hands-on activities, such as dissecting worms, frogs, and even a cat. It may sound a bit gross, but trust me, it was fascinating. Seeing the different structures and organs up close and personal made everything we learned in the textbook come to life. It was as if a new world opened up before my eyes.

These two incredible teachers sparked a fire within me. They turned science from something dull and distant into an exciting adventure. Inspired by their methods, I became a science teacher myself, determined to bring the same excitement and wonder into my own classrooms.

Over the course of my 13-year journey as a science teacher in a public school, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing countless moments of discovery and awe in my students. Guiding them through hands-on experiments, encouraging their curiosity, and showing them real-world applications of scientific principles has been immensely rewarding. Witnessing their passion for learning has been the driving force behind my commitment to teaching.

Becoming a parent deepened my appreciation for the wonders of science. Exploring the world of science with my own children, watching their natural sense of wonder flourish, and fostering their love for exploration became an extraordinary adventure in itself. It was through these experiences that I realized the importance of providing quality science education to homeschooling families.

Now, as I create lessons for homeschooling families, I draw upon my years of experience as a science teacher and my personal journey as a parent. Through hands-on activities, real-world applications, and immersive experiences, I strive to make science an invitation rather than an obligation. I want to ignite that same sense of curiosity and wonder in each child I have the privilege of teaching. It is my sincere hope that by providing engaging and tailored educational units, I can inspire a lifelong love for science in homeschooling children, just as my incredible teachers did for me.

Tina Salmanowitz

Founder of Little Monsters Universe

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